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Legendary Bulletproof "Always The One!" (ASA 2930104)
Registration certificate issuance calving ease +10.3. Birthweight 88 pounds, 205 Day weaning weight 1,080 pounds, 55 inches tall at the hip, 5.5 mature frame score, 2010 pounds mature, 12 feet long, 29 inches hip to pin, gentle, nice udders, strong fee, strong legs, strong set. His impeccable offspring are greatly admired and top sales nationwide to $27,000 or more per head in multiple herds. Adds $150 more weaning weight per calf from commercial cows than other bulls. Sires black calves. A no brainer outcross sire for the U.S. cowherd. Moderates your F1, F2, F3 generations. Maturity while increasing weaning weights. No chriogenic rights. 4 Mint Land and Cattle - pays their own premium list of $300 for all Bulletproof sired dna tested champion offspring calves at all state and national shows, performace test stations, and carcass contests when semen is purchased direct. Many thanks to all bidders and buyers. Rate of Gain 5.3 lbs per day. Guaranteed quality semen. Limited supply. Price per unit of semen $51 (order early).
Angus Calving Ease Sires
Marshall Lad. Smooth as silk. Limited semen supply. Price per unit of semen $30.
Sellers choice from the Treasure Tank. Select calving ease or maximum performance. Limited supply, rare (extinct), price per unit of semen $30
Bulletproof Bull Guarantee
Buy your Simmental bull from us, return him at 10 years of age healthy and in good shape to take your pick of the bull calves quality for quality. No cryogenic rights. A purchase direct bulletproot heifer that does not produce a bull calf in 14 year longevity is also replace free by returning a healthy cow.
To purchase cattle, embryos, semen, selection(s), shipper(s) please call 605-464-7451 or 507-722-6460 for prompt shipment(s). FREE shipping 30 units or more. Volume discount(s).
4 Mint Land and Cattle - Fargo, ND

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